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Have you ever experienced struggle or lazyness when searching a good restaurant to see your friends, family, love ones…? Checked all the reviews, ratings and be finally disappointed? Dokoni is your solution!


*Currently supported cities: Tokyo


Dokoni™ has a wide network of Chefs and Critics that are experts in their domain from Michelin Star Restaurants to Bocuse d’Or. As part of this community, they contribute at Dokoni™ to make sure we pick only good places for you. The places you can find here can be Food Trucks, Casual Dining, Cafe and Fine Dining. We try to cover as many categories as possible to make sure you can always find a good place to go to with your friends, family and loved ones.

Easier, Faster.

You have no idea what you, your friends, family, or lovers want? Just pick up a recommendation from Dokoni™ and select the atmosphere that matches best the occasion. Do not spend your time searching for a place from millions of places; double-check it or even review all the ratings and comments. Spend your time doing something more valuable for yourself. We are filtering the crowd for you and making your life easier and richer in experience.

« Choosing a good place contributes greatly to having a good time, and we are here to help. »

What Members love about Dokoni?

Dokoni Users

Back and forth with my friends each time we search a place. Now I choose for them quickly and easily with Dokoni. I know I can trust the service to offer excellent quality with the right atmosphere.

— Jean. D

Dokoni Users

I always feel pressure to choose a place for my friends, so I check all the reviews and comments. It takes so much less time to use than other services. I love Dokoni for this; it is so easy!

— Yuriko. H

Dokoni Users

My neighborhood had so much to offer, and I discovered this with Dokoni. It was a blast to open the application and see many places around my home. I recommend Dokoni for exploring around you.

— Thomas. N

Dokoni Users

So lazy to search; I just pick and go. Frictionless for me; no doubt that Dokoni is a winner here.

— Yuki. F

Why Membership?

  • Dokoni wants to be impartial in choosing places and to offer the best quality in our offering. We want to make sure we are always objective in each selection.
  • We want to build a Foodie community that can get involved and support our initiative by suggesting new places on our service. Of course, each suggestion is reviewed by our team and partners.
  • We want to support our local farmers and savoir-faire financially here in Japan.

For all these reasons, access to the service is limited to members.

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